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Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

So once you’ve acquired your first customers, you’ve shown that with the help of your sponsor and with the training you’ve attended you can be successful.

Now it really starts to get exciting.

You are in a network marketing business and network marketing is about a lot of people doing a little.

So now you start to build your team.

You attend the Team Building and Sponsoring Training

Remember how pleased you were that someone had shown you the vehicle that had given you  the opportunity to realise all those goals and dreams you have? Well there are loads of people out there who are also searching for an opportunity to achieve their dreams.


Work with them exactly as your sponsor worked with you and help them to gather a few customers and  TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THE BUSINESS.

This business is all about DUPLICATION.

This business shows the power of LEVERAGE.

To reach the very top position in this company the criteria is that you have a 100 personal customers and 25,000 group customers. The people that have reached this position have an extremely enviable life style. What those figures show you is that the real income comes from building and working with your team.

Like the idea of earning extra money and working from home?

How Will My Business Actually Work?

Complete initial training (online & classroom)

Receive your own Utility Warehouse website

Recommend the services, phone, broadband, mobile, gas & electricity (initially to family, friends & colleagues)



Tell people about the business and start to build your team of distributors

Work with your new distributors and grow your business – all with the help of your sponsor



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