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Work Full Time on your Salary and Part Time on your Fortune

Those of you familiar with Jim Rohn, the American Entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, will recognise this as one of his of his quotes. More importantly, you will know that he actually acted on that and did make his fortune by initially working on his ‘part time thingy!’ His rags to riches story is truly inspirational.

The great thing about this advice is that it can apply to each and every one of us and I believe there has never been a better ‘part time thingy’ to help any one of us to build our fortune than becoming a distributor with the Telecom Plus opportunity.

Why do I think The Telegraph has chosen Telecom Plus/Utility Warehouse as one of the opportunities out there to consider in 2012?

•    You are dealing with essential services. Services that everyone needs and everyone uses. You are not having to sell any product – you are helping people save money on services they already have – phone, broadband, gas and electricity

•    It provides a true residual income. Once you have a customer, EVERY time that customer picks up the phone, surfs the web, switches on the central heating, boils a kettle,  and even doesn’t switch off the frig! – you get paid – EVERY month that they remain a customer.

•    Look at the credentials of this company. Look at the growth of the company. Look at the way their share price is performing.

Is it easy doing a’ part time thingy? ‘Of course not. It requires discipline and dedication. It means that when you get home after a hard day’s work in your salaried world, instead of sitting down in front of the television you may have to think about going out on a cold wet windy night to do a little bit of work.

Is it worth it? Is this opportunity for you? Only you can answer that question.

Is 2012 going to be the year that you take those first steps towards being able to sack your boss? Is 2012 the year that you are going to follow the advice of the financial gurus and provide yourself with the cushion of a 2nd Income Stream?

Is 2012 going to be the year when you work full time on your salary and part time on your fortune?

Have a look around my website and see if 2012 is going to be that year.

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Published Date: 6th January 2012
Category: Business opportunities

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