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Do you still Dare2Dream?

I hope you do. Think back to when you were children. You were going to be an astronaut, a famous dancer, climb Mount Everest , be prime minister,  and the thought never entered your head that you couldn’t do any of these things, but sometimes along the way we may let outside forces steal our dreams.

Why is it that for some people their dreams become a reality whilst for others, their dreams are discarded and become wishes that never materialised?

I was at a seminar some years ago when a very successful businessman spoke to us. He told how he had come across an opportunity and had gone home full of optimism and excitement to tell his family and friends about it. He didn’t get the reaction he had expected. They virtually derided it and laughed at him for ever considering it. I will never forget his words ‘I nearly let those people steal my dreams’.

Dreams create hope, but dreams are only unfulfilled wishes unless you work at them. Has the time come for you to stop making excuses and to start making it happen?

Why don’t you take a positive step and attend our Dare2Change event on Wednesday 21st September 2011 at the Ramada Bolton Greater Manchester Hotel, Blackrod at 7-45pm for 8-00pm start and let’s see if we can help you make those dreams come true. It may be for you, it may not be, but you will never know if you don’t come along!

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is your decision. Don’t let anyone steal your dreams!

Published Date: 9th September 2011
Category: Business opportunities, Living your dreams

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