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Have You given up on being a Pop Star but still like the idea of receiving ‘Royalties?’

You may have heard in the media some weeks ago that the soul singer Jimmy Ruffin had died. The song that he was most famous for was ‘What becomes of the Broken Hearted.’

He said it was this song that had allowed him to walk away for ever from a job he hated, assembling cars in a Ford factory. The reason he could do this of course was that he got paid royalties every time that song was played. He did a job once but he got paid over and over again for it.

Money Every Time

That is exactly how it works when anyone becomes a Utility Warehouse Distributor. When they bring a customer to the table, every time that customer switches on the light, picks up the phone, turns up the heating, goes onto the internet or doesn’t switch off the fridge! – the distributor gets paid a small snippet of the customer’s monthly bill.

That is not just for that month, but every month, month in – month out – as long as they remain a customer and pay their bill. The distributor has done a job once but gets paid over and over again. So in true pop star style they are receiving royalties for a job done once. Now the world of utilities may not be as exciting as that of a pop star, but whilst not everyone will buy a CD, everyone needs, and everyone uses, utilities! Utilities are, therefore, the ideal vehicle to provide residual income.

Don’t Fancy Becoming a Pop Star…?

So if you have decided that the pop star route is not for you but you like the idea of receiving residual income then have a look at

So long as you are prepared to work – you will not ‘become broken hearted’



Published Date: 11th December 2014
Category: Business opportunities

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