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“There’s Water in Every Lane”

(So said Ian Thorpe the great Australian swimmer…)

Several sports pundits were discussing the various merits or otherwise of the different swimming lanes. When Ian Thorpe was asked his opinion his response was ‘Look, there’s water in every lane – so it’s OK’.

In other words the same opportunity was there for every swimmer regardless of what lane they had been given.

People seize their chances differently

Is this not true in life in general? Take a group of people and give them the sameopportunity. There is no question that some will be more successful than others. Now no doubt the less successful ones will find reasons for their lack of attainment. They may cite outside events, personal circumstances, bad luck or misfortune and may generally join in the ‘Why does it always happen to me’ brigade.

Just deal with it

Well of course it doesn’t always just happen to them. The difference is in how people react to events and circumstances. The successful people realise that these challenges are just things that have to be dealt with on the road to success.

When you look at many of the successful people and investigate their journey to success, invariably you will discover they have encountered disappointment, failure and personal challenges along the way, but they never gave up. Hard work might also have played a significant part! They will have put in that extra time and effort that the less successful people were not prepared to do. There is that very true saying ‘The harder I work, the luckier I seem to be’.

How level is your playing field?

I have seen this happen so often in the business I am in. It is a level playing field where everyone starts with the same opportunity, the same systems, the same services, the same backing from the company. Some go on to achieve financial freedom; others fail at the first hurdle.

So if any of you are looking for a business opportunity that is truly equal for everyone and the only difference in results will be determined by the effort YOU put into it , have a look at my website

There’s water in every lane for each and every one of you – it’s what you decide to do with it that will make the difference.

Published Date: 15th October 2012
Category: Business opportunities
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