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Who Do You Listen To…?

If you were contemplating starting a work from home business, or indeed any business, would you seek advice from someone who had been successful in the same type of venture or someone who had failed at it?

Is it something about the British psyche that makes people listen to, and more worryingly, heed the negative comment rather than the positive?

If you go onto Trip Advisor to read the reviews on a hotel you are contemplating booking with, do you take more notice of the one review that complains about everything from the fact there were no peas at dinner one evening to the fact that it rained for one hour in their week’s holiday, or do you base your decision on the other 9 reviews that gave the hotel glowing reports?

Network Marketing can be especially susceptible to negative comment. It doesn’t follow the conventional way of doing business. Shock – horror! When something is different or not understood, there is a tendency for some people to dismiss it or denigrate it. This is usually without full knowledge, research or understanding but simply dismissed because it is different. The most common negative and uninformed response is that it is ‘pyramid selling.’

My introduction to Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing was with a company selling water filters. Anyone who knows me might be forgiven for thinking this was not a natural alliance! I attended a business information presentation one evening to hear about the business. It wasn’t the product or the business plan that influenced my decision to join this company; it was just one sentence from the most successful man in the room that evening. Along the way to his success he told us how he had experienced many negative comments about what he was doing. It was his next words that resonated with me –  ‘I nearly let those people steal my dreams’, he said.

How many people have been influenced by people who have not got the courage to look at something different with an open mind?  Sometimes their comments may even be through envy at the thought you might just succeed with it. As Jim Rohn , one of the great business philosophers, said, ‘Isn’t that interesting’.

So if you are looking at any work from home opportunity or any Network Marketing /Multi Level Marketing  business, base your decision on facts and maybe even a gut feeling that this could be the opportunity you are looking for.

Let it be YOUR decision. Don’t let anyone else steal YOUR dreams. If you think Utility Warehouse could be the vehicle to achieving your goals, get in touch with me at  or look at my website   I am looking for people who haven’t given up on their dreams. Whether it be Utility Warehouse or some other business opportunity, let it be YOUR  decision. Promise yourself you will never give up on your dreams.

Have a look at this little clip. It is amusing and illustrates the point!

Published Date: 4th April 2013
Category: Direct selling businesses
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