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Second Income Stream for IFAs, Mortgage Advisors and PPI Firms

How would you like to maximize and increase your income from a business that dovetails comfortably with businesses in the financial sector?

Revenue For Financial Advisors

By adding just a few minutes onto your ‘affordability check’ you  can not only produce a revenue for yourself but you can give an ‘ADD ON’ service to your client that will make you stand out from your competition.

Obviously if you are entering into a strategic alliance with a company you need to have confidence in the company, its management team its financial stability and credibility and the services that it has on offer.

This company is equally strong in its wish to jealously guard its reputation. It has its own strict regulations to conform to within its industry.

It does seem rather doom and gloom out there at the moment. The media is full of reports on the property slow down , problems in the banking sector and the non availability of a mortgage for some people. Reports show that 100% of the average UK salary  is now taken up to service household expenditure only.

Second Income Business – Look Now

So why not have a look at this business? Many other people in the financial sector have seized this opportunity to help both themselves and their clients.

Join now – other IFA’s, Mortgage Advisors and PPI Firms are already doing this!

Call Mo now on 07957 855748.

Published Date: 27th November 2012
Category: Earning a Second Income
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