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Who Wants a Second Income Then?

Question: What does a Barrister, a Housewife, a Mortgage Advisor, a Hairdresser, a Driving Instructor, a Police Officer and a Sports Coach all have in common?

Answer: These were the occupations that were sitting round the table with me at the last training I attended with Utility Warehouse.

Rather a diverse group. Their interests and their training for the choice of their profession would all have been very different yet here was this group of people all with a common interest, all getting on with each other with no distinction whatsoever.

They All Needed a 2nd Income

They had all recognised that the career they were following would not let them realise their own particular goals in life. Those goals would vary with each individual but all of them required a 2nd income. Some may have wanted that 2nd income to achieve more time freedom. Others may have wanted it to give them more disposable income to be able to go on those extra holidays, buy that new car and just generally have a better standard of living. For others it may just have meant that they could meet all their bills without having to worry about them.

So Why Choose Utility Warehouse?

Why choose Utility Warehouse for their 2nd Income? What is it about Utility Warehouse that can attract these different occupations into one group? What is it about this particular work from home business opportunity that can unite all these people?
There are many work from home opportunities out there but Utility Warehouse is one that gives true residual income. Residual Income is when you do a job once but get paid over and over again for the same thing. Because the vehicle Utility Warehouse uses is utilities –  a commodity that everyone needs and everyone uses all the time –  a Utility Warehouse Distributor can gather a customer once and get paid every month on the customer’s usage. Every time the customer switches on the light, picks up the phone, goes on the internet, switches on the central heating or boils a kettle – the distributor gets paid.

That is what the attraction was that brought that diverse group of people together.
With other work from home opportunities you constantly have to go back to the same people to sell to them all over again.

A second question:

What does an author, a pop star and a Utility Warehouse Distributor have in common?

Answer: They all receive true residual or royalties’ income. They do a job once and get paid for it over and over again. Bet you never thought you could get the opportunity to put yourself in the same category as David Bowie (or your own particular favourite!) or J.K Rowling!

Published Date: 28th March 2013
Category: Earning a Second Income

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