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How do I sign up as a new distributor?

I have tried to answer questions to give you the necessary information I feel you would need to make an informed decision, but the best way forward is if we could have a chat . Please email me on, or give me a call on 07942 887727. You may, however, have already decided you want to join, so click on ‘Sign Up Today’ below and this will allow you to join on online. I would ask you still to make contact with me so that we can welcome you to the team and give you the maximum support.


I want to take advantage of Utility Warehouse's cheap prices, but don't want to sign up as a distributor

Not ready to sign up as an Independent Distributor yet? No problem – you can still take advantage of all the fantastic products and savings by becoming a Utility Warehouse customer.

Become a Customer:

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The Utility Warehouse is operated by Telecom Plus PLC, a major British Company whose shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange. Being a member of Utility Warehouse gives you access to:

  • Unique billing system which includes all the services on one bill
  • CashBack card that enables you to receive money off your utility bill every month just by shopping
  • Other exclusive membership benefits.

What is the catch? (Is this legitimate?)

One of the best answers I’ve heard to this question was from a very successful fellow Distributor who replied: ‘I don’t know – I haven’t found one yet, but if you find one would you please let me know, because I am enjoying a very nice lifestyle with this business and I don’t want it to change!’

This is not meant to be a flippant response. If there is a catch, it is that, as in all things in life, the amount of effort you put into your business will determine how successful you are. This is a legitimate working from home job opportunity.

Can I be assured that this opportunity will work for me?

Only you can answer that question. The company Telecom Plus is not on trial, just take a look at the company information page.

The services are not on trial, they regularly receive best value recognition from the UK’s leading consumer magazine, as well as praise in the national press. The income potential is not on trial, thousands of distributors are already enjoying significant monthly residual incomes.

If you are teachable, if you are prepared to take advantage of all the support and training on offer,  if you are a positive, enthusiastic person, if you have a burning desire to succeed and are willing to give the commitment to achieve that success, then you have an exciting time ahead of you with this company.

Is the Timing Right?

Timing, timing, timing!  You can have the best business idea in the world and have the wrong timing and your business will not succeed. The timing could not be better for this business. Everyone always uses utilities. In fact, during hard economic times, they probably cut down on going out on leisure activities or holidays, so actually use more, and everyone wants to be able to save money on those utilities.

People are also receptive to looking at ways of making a second income. The timing is absolutely perfect for both gathering customers who want to save money and introducing other people to the business opportunity who want to make money. People are also recognising that the conventional ways of earning an income are not always secure.

All you have to ask – ‘Is the timing right for me?’

What is the income potential?

How much money do you want to make? There are people in this business who have come in to make a few hundred pounds extra disposable income every month to enable them to have those luxuries they couldn’t currently afford.  There are people who are now virtually retired enjoying a millionaire lifestyle with this business. This business truly is a level playing field where everyone has the same opportunity whether you joined it 10 years ago or whether you join it today.

The answer to the question? The sky is the limit – but it’s up to you! For full details of an overview of the compensation plan email me on

What costs are involved?

To become an Independent Distributor costs £100.  For that you receive everything necessary to start your business.  You will also have access to training at any of the many venues around the UK.  You can attend these as many times as you wish.  You also are given your own online presence with a personal website hosted by the company, where you can direct both customers and Distributors to join your business online.

I have a full time job and am worried that I will be unable to give the time commitment to build a Utility Warehouse business?

This is where TIME LEVERAGE really works. You may only be able to commit to working 5 hours a week, but when you build a team,  think how many hours are going into your business every week!

Like the idea of earning extra money and working from home?

How Will My Business Actually Work?

Complete initial training (online & classroom)

Receive your own Utility Warehouse website

Recommend the services, phone, broadband, mobile, gas & electricity (initially to family, friends & colleagues)



Tell people about the business and start to build your team of distributors

Work with your new distributors and grow your business – all with the help of your sponsor



Get started as a Utility Warehouse Independent Distributor:

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