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An Olympic Effort…

Well the Olympics are over and if, like me, you have been glued to the TV, or if you’ve been lucky enough to be there, I’m sure you cannot help but have been inspired by the many stories that have emerged. Great stories of success, but also of  heartache, but there has been a common theme in all the stories, one of hard work, dedication and never giving up.

The Gold Rush

The 2 girls who started the gold rush with their success in the rowing were Heather Glover and Helen Stanning. Their coach told of how they had trained for 6 hours a day, 6 days a week for the 4 years previous and not once did either one of them phone in sick or make an excuse to miss training.  I am sure there must have been days when they woke up feeling tired or looked out the window at the pouring rain and all they wanted to do was to have an extra few hours sleep.

Katherine Grainger, another rower, who for 3 previous Olympic Games had won a silver medal and who kept going in the belief she was worthy of a gold medal. In one interview afterwards when she was asked in one word to sum up how she was feeling she replied, ‘Finally’.

“She Doesn’t do Giving Up…”

Beth Tweddle the gymnast who is retiring after this Olympics and who has done so much for the sport of gymnastics in this country but had never won an Olympic medal, finally receiving a much deserved bronze medal. When her dad was asked if she had ever felt like giving up, he replied ‘Beth doesn’t do giving up’.

Nicola Adams the boxer who said she just wanted to make her mum proud. When we look behind that statement we learn how her mother worked tirelessly to try, unsuccessfully, to obtain sponsorship for her daughter. We learn that for 3 months Nicola had a severe back injury and her future in boxing was in doubt but her mother kept her belief to keep her daughter’s dream alive.

What’s Your Inspirational Story?

Every one of us will have a favourite story that has given us inspiration these games. It’s what actions we now take in our lives as a result of what we’ve seen and heard that might just be one of the legacies of the games.

Published Date: 14th August 2012
Category: Living your dreams

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