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Saving Money by Shopping

Ladies – this is of course something we have always known but at last we can prove to any sceptical male: when we say we are actually saving them money by shopping , we can prove it with figures in black and white!

Utility Warehouse CashBack Card

The Utility Warehouse CashBack card gives you money off your monthly utility bill by just doing your normal shopping.

Here’s a typical scenario. You do food shopping every month. You fill up your car with petrol or diesel and that can be frightening these days can’t it?. Do you ever have to pay parking fees?  Three hours in Manchester the other day cost me over £7. You buy your normal toiletries and any health and beauty products. May be some DIY equipment is necessary. What about some toys or electronic games  for the children? Do you ever have a pizza delivered or go out to Pizza Express.  Any new mums out there ever have to buy nappies? Anyone ever buy any sports equipment? What about when you have a weekend away and stay in a nice hotel?

Save Money with the Utility Warehouse CashBack Card

And – I’ve saved the best till last. What about when you go out and buy that new dress or shoes or handbag- or may be all of them! We are saving money!!

By using the Utility Warehouse CashBack card when doing your normal monthly shopping you will get discounts off your monthly utility bill. Imagine receiving your utility bill and seeing, for example,  £20 or £30 taken off the total bill.

QED. You have proved you have saved money by shopping!

Published Date: 29th March 2012
Category: money saving ideas

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