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Many Hands Make Light Work

I recently had a very enjoyable evening at a friend’s house where she had cooked a lovely meal. She had obviously gone to some trouble both with the cooking and the presentation.

The company was a mixture of adults and teenagers. Everyone mixed in very well and the conversation was nice and relaxed even though on occasions there were very varying opinions on different topics. It was just the kind of evening I enjoy.

When the meal was finished we all moved into the conservatory to carry on the evening’s conviviality. The hostess suggested to the teenagers that they clear the table before joining the adults.  This resulted in a few grumbles and protestations. The fact that the hostess had prepared and cooked the meal single handed seemed to be overlooked.   I’m afraid this is where once a teacher , always a teacher came into  play and I found myself saying ‘’Come on , it won’t take a minute if everyone does a little  – Many Hands Make Light Work’

They responded well and we continued to have a really nice evening.

It was only when I arrived home that I reflected on my comment to the youngsters, and I realised I had just described what network marketing is all about.  It is a lot of people doing a little. The youngsters cleared the table with no one feeling that they had to put in an enormous amount of effort.  They worked as a team, each contributing to the pleasing overall result. In fact judging from the laughter we could hear they were having fun by working together.

If anyone thinks I am over simplifying network marketing, I would beg to differ.  When people complicate things they are missing the very essence of NWM.

A lot of people doing a little and working as a team for an overall result and you can grow a business that can give rewards you thought you could only dream of.

Published Date: 24th October 2013
Category: Network Marketing

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