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Everyone needs a ‘Plan B’

Recently Christine Legarde commented ‘Britain needs a Plan ‘B’.

I would say that everyone needs a Plan B.

Do you have your plan B?

It might be that your plan B never needs to be put into action but if you were ever a girl guide or a boy scout you know that you should always ‘Be Prepared’.

I am involved in Network Marketing and I have a large team of distributors. Most of them join in the first place to put into action a ‘Plan B’ . Some of them, however, join and then, for whatever reason, they stop working their network marketing business. When I contact them there are various reasons given for this. One of the reasons given is that they felt they were not earning enough for the time they were putting in. Why do people think they should be making a fortune in their network marketing business after a very short time when they have not achieved that after years of working in their main profession? Always a mystery to me that one!

I have lost count of the number of times these same distributors contact me further down the line because something unexpected has happened in their lives.  It could be many things but they always say the same thing ‘If only I had kept on working my network marketing business I would have had a safety net.’ That is exactly why a Plan B is needed.

Network marketing is the perfect business for setting up a Plan B. If you work that business consistently and persistently just a few hours a week you will see your residual income grow steadily. Sometimes your Plan B takes over and becomes more successful than Plan A. That’s exactly what happened with me. I had 5 fashion shops when I started my NWM business. Over time my income from NWM started to approach what I was earning from my shops without all the hassle of rent, rates, staff and all the rules and regulations involved in running retail outlets.

That was when I made the decision to promote Plan B to Plan A.

If you want to learn more about NWM visit my website Dare2Change – It might just give you an idea for your Plan B.

Published Date: 25th June 2012
Category: Second Income Job Ideas

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