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Second Income Ideas – could this be the one for you?

Is your current income enough for your needs?  Or for the lifestyle you desire?

In this current economic climate more and more people are finding the need to have a second income. There are many openings out there. The 64 thousand dollar question – which one is the right one for you?

You should sit down and make a check list. What are you good at, what are your interests, what investment can you give – both time and financial, what is your personality? I would suggest that Earning a Second Income should be something you enjoy doing as it should not become an extra hassle in your life.

The one that I found worked for me was network marketing. The only drawback I have found to NWM is the negative perception some people have of it. I still occasionally get the comment ‘Oh that’s a pyramid scheme’ There was a negative perception of Franchising when it was first introduced, in fact, it was nearly declared illegal.  NWM and Franchising have come a long way since those days. Donald Trump stated that if he had to start all over again from nothing, he would find a good network marketing company and run with it. Many major well known corporations have now adopted the strategies of NWM.

So could NWM be the way forward for you to earn that second income?

Let’s take a look at the benefits.
•    A low initial investment
•    Systems are all in place
•    Training provided
•    Support given
•    Can be worked from home
•    Power of leverage
•    Residual income
•    Huge potential

So if you decide that NWM may be the way forward for you to earn a second income how do you decide which company would be the one?

•    Research the company thoroughly
•    Look at its financial record
•    Has the company got a strong management team?
•    Where is the company based?
•    Is there free training provided?
•    What is the company’s compensation plan?
•    Is there true residual /passive income?
•    Has the company got products or services that are already on peoples’ shopping list?
•    Are its products or services priced at or below market levels?

These were all points I took into consideration when I made my choice of which NWM company to join. I found Telecom Plus/Utility Warehouse ticked all the boxes for me. The biggest tick in the box was that the company provides services that everyone needs and everyone uses –  phones, broadband, gas and electricity, and offering them at best value prices. I wasn’t going to have sell a product to anyone that they did not need or want.

So if you are looking for a second income idea, one that you can work from home, perhaps NWM may be something you might consider.  Find out more here

Published Date: 22nd February 2012
Category: Second Income Job Ideas

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