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Policemen – Please read!

Whoever would have thought that ‘We are used to not being liked’ could be a help in achieving your financial future…?

Policemen do fantastically well in our business.

In the past when I have been asked why this is I have always responded that it is because:

  • They have good communication skills
  • They are disciplined
  • They are team players
  • They recognise the importance of training
  • They have commitment to a job well done
  • They have good organizational skills
  • They enjoy the camaraderie of being part of a highly motivated team
  • They have an air of authority and integrity

All this I firmly believe to be true but the other day I was given another reason by one of the very successful policemen in my business:

       ‘We are used to not being liked.’

Now I am not for one minute going to tell you that you will not be liked if you do this business, but what I will warn you is that some people will reject what you offer them. Whether it is hundreds of pounds worth of savings on their services, whether it be the opportunity to earn a significant income leading to financial freedom, whether it be your very best mate that you talking with, you will get rejection!

The number one reason that some people give up on their network marketing business is that they cannot handle rejection. They take it personally, especially if that rejection comes from a friend or family member. Policemen are used to getting negative reaction at times and so can deal with it without taking it personally.

Now we like policemen, in fact we love policemen, and we want more of them in our highly motivated successful team.

So if you would like to have a very successful business by joining a group that loves having policemen as part of that group then call me (Mo) today on 07957 855748 or send me an email now.

We’re ready to welcome you.

Published Date: 27th July 2012
Category: Second Income Job Ideas
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