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The cost of living is rising – what can a Second Income do for you?

Hardly a day goes by at the moment without some newspaper headline or item on the news, pointing out the increase in the cost of living. It makes depressing reading and viewing. Costs are rising but incomes are not rising at the same rate – if at all! The result is less disposable income or worse still, too much month at the end of the money!

Do you grin and bear it and think ‘that’s how it is’ or do you do something about it? Why is it that in times of recession some people and some businesses flourish while others go under. Well it’s how you react to a situation that makes a difference.

To deal with rising costs you need a rising income. If you are in a job with a fixed wage or salary this is not always possible. What is possible, however, is the ability to Earn a Second Income. Not got time you may think! We all have 24 hours in the day. How many hours do you spend watching television, lingering over that cup of coffee, could you get up an hour earlier every day? With just a few hours every week it is possible to earn a 2nd income. It may be that you could utilise your hobby, something that you are good at, turning it into something that produces income for you. Maybe you can sell unwanted items on EBay or even develop that into a business. All that , however, is trading time for money.

The best way is to use those extra hours to create a residual income, an income that pays you every month for a job done once. This could be in the form of monthly rents from property investment but that pre – supposes that you had the capital to invest in the first place.

Thousands of people are already using those extra hours to build up residual income with a network marketing company. This way you have the strength of a company behind you with all the systems already in place. All you have to do is to use those extra hours consistently every week to grow a 2nd income.

Having a 2nd income could mean that it pays the mortgage every month, pays your children’s school fees or enables you to go on holiday. Having a 2nd income can eliminate that stress of meeting those ever increasing bills with the rising cost of living. Better still, over time and with consistent effort, utilising those few extra hours every week to create a residual income can see your disposable income grow.

More disposable income – better life style!

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Published Date: 10th April 2012
Category: Second Income Job Ideas

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