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Why does the word ‘utilities’ provoke such a negative reaction? I’m a nice person really!

Before I had anything to do with utilities I had 2 other main careers. I was a Phys Ed teacher for many years before moving into fashion retail, eventually owning 5 retail outlets.

Whenever anyone asked what I did, either of those two professions would evoke a very positive response.

Now I am in the world of utilities – what a difference! The reaction varies from total indifference to open hostility. ‘Oh you are not one of those awful people who phone just when we’re sitting down to tea’ is a typical response – and no I’m not!

I was at a networking event where I was chatting with a fellow networker and showing genuine interest in what she was doing. She gave me her business card and I gave her mine in return. She looked at it and immediately handed it back to me with a less than complimentary remark about the utility industry in general.  Apart from this being the height of rudeness, she could just have thrown it away when she got back to the office, why does the word ‘utilities’ provoke such reactions?

I meet girls I used to teach whose idea of hell was running up and down a hockey pitch in their lessons with me, but they still greet me with a smile and friendship. They knew I really had their best interests at heart! They judge me as a person.

When I had my fashion shops I had no problem selling garments for several hundred pounds confident in the knowledge I was giving value for money and providing service. Many of my customers became my friends.

Today I can show people I am saving them several hundred pounds on their utilities, and assure them they will receive personal service from me and it can still be viewed with suspicion.

Having said all that, I have many lovely customers in my ‘utility world’ who really appreciate the personal service and have also become friends.

So please everyone out there, despite the ‘blanket’ poor image people may have about utility companies, there are some of us who genuinely want to help give you the best deal possible along with personal service.

If you’re one of them, take a look at this page!

Published Date: 26th April 2012
Category: Utilities

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