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One Clever Little Piggy Who Went to Market…

Rising Utility Bills and all that extra shopping Utility Warehousefor Christmas to do. Read how one very clever little piggy who went to market dealt with that.

Piggies Going to Market…

It’s that time of the year isn’t it when all the little piggies go to market to do their Christmas shopping. One little piggy headed off to do his shopping taking with him his normal credit and debit cards. The next little piggy, who was the Utility Warehouse piggy, took his Utility Warehouse Cash Back card with him.

He visited Marks and Spencers where he did a lot of food shopping and other Christmas festive fayre  – Christmas cards, crackers  and a few gifts. As he was a piggy who really enjoyed his food, he popped into Sainsbury’s to make sure he had enough to last him and the family over the entire festive period.  It was then time to think about presents.

Debenhams, Boots and Argos were his next visits where he managed to purchase quite a few gifts.

As we all know Christmas shopping can be very tiring so he popped into Caffe Nero for a quick coffee. Whilst there he had a look at his list to see what more he had to do.  Suitably refreshed, off he trotted to ToysRus , HMV,  Waterstones  and Halfords to complete the shopping on his list.  Feeling very pleased with himself and thinking how much he was looking forward to Christmas and all the entertaining he would be doing, he realised the only thing missing was a new outfit for himself . A visit to TOPMAN sorted that out.

Exhausted but happy, the little piggy didn’t relish the thought of cooking that night. Pizza Express was the answer. A glass of wine and a large pizza later (making sure he avoided any ham or bacon toppings!) the little pig reflected on what an extremely successful day it had been.

By using his Utility Warehouse Cash Back card for all his purchases, including his cup of coffee and evening meal, an average of 5% of every purchase he made that day, will be taken off his next month’s utility bill. That can easily equate to 25% or more off his utility bill – obviously dependent on what shopping he has done.

So did the Utility Warehouse piggy pay any less that the other piggy that used normal credit and debit cards that day?  No, they both paid exactly the same for the same purchases, but which little piggy will be smiling when next month’s utility bill drops through the door?

Saving money by shopping is such a brilliant idea!






Published Date: 26th November 2012
Category: Utility Warehouse Cashback Card
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