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Utility Warehouse CashBack Card – Great Product for Hard Times

2 weeks ago saw another week with yet more headlines on the predicted rise of costs on energy.

So do you just grin and bear it or do you decide that it really is time you did something to help you deal with the situation? It’s not only energy costs that are increasing. The weekly shopping bill has seen a marked increase; the cost of fuel has seen a dramatic rise and predictions are that this trend will continue. All of this means that disposable incomes are shrinking. An even more worrying scenario is ‘the too much month at the end of the money’ syndrome.

There are practical steps everyone can take that don’t entail altering your lifestyle.  Some credit cards are now giving cash back when balances are paid in full at the end of the month, company loyalty cards reward their shoppers with either money or goods and of course the obvious one is to shop around to find where you receive the best value for your money.  The Utility Warehouse CashBack card neatly combines all these elements.  This is not a credit or debit card but is similar to a pre-pay mobile phone where you load the card with whatever cash you want. By then doing your normal shopping, shopping you would be doing anyway, food, clothing and petrol for example! The following month a percentage of your spend will be taken off your Utility Warehouse utility bill. Many customers save around 25% on their monthly utility bill just by shopping. The bit I like best is that even when I just pop into Marks and Spencer for a coffee or go for a bite to eat at Pizza Express, I actually have money taken off my utility bill the following month!

So, be a savvy consumer. There are various ways you can do this without having to change you standard of living. I have only mentioned a few.

Another obvious line of attack to take is to increase your income – but that’s the subject for another blog!

Published Date: 29th May 2012
Category: Utility Warehouse Cashback Card

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