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Recognition or a Monetary Award…?

I remember reading a survey that said employees responded more to recognition of a job well done than a monetary reward.

This was graphically illustrated to me this week when I attended a ‘Pizza Tuesday’ at  my local Pizza Express. This is an evening where Utility Warehouse reward their distributors every month to everyone who has brought in just one customer in the preceding month. It is a social evening where everyone gets free pizza and a glass of wine and to have an enjoyable social evening with fellow distributors.

Now in the grand scheme of things having a free pizza and glass of wine is not a huge monetary prize.

This month when I attended, I was sitting opposite a gentleman who I had never met before and who had only been a Utility Warehouse distributor for a few weeks. During conversation with him it transpired that he had worked for 26 years with a very well known large company and he had just accepted a redundancy package from that company. He could not get over the fact that, in only his second month with Utility Warehouse, and as yet for him a very small work from home new business, he had received recognition from the company.  He said that in his lengthy time with his previous company, although it was well paid, he had never once had a thank you or recognition of any kind.

One of the best things I ever did when I had my fashion shops was to take all the staff to a Beauty Spa for 2 days. That earned me far more ‘brownie points’ than any extra in their wage packets.

Events like that or Pizza Tuesday are also very good team building exercises with people getting to know one another outside the normal work environment.  It also shows everyone that they are an integral valued part of the company’s success.

The work from home business opportunity that Utility Warehouse/Telecom Plus offers is big on recognition. Share options,  6 star holidays, taken to the Olympics , lunch with the managing directors  –  just some of the ‘extras’ that Utility Warehouse  give as recognition of a job well done. You can’t really put a monetary price on that.

Published Date: 9th May 2013
Category: Utility Warehouse distributor

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