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What is a Telecom Plus Distributor?

When I was first invited to look at the Telecom Plus / Utility Warehouse business, I was apprehensive. My background was initially one of teaching and then later I had moved into fashion retail. Whilst I was always open to looking at any business venture, when I heard the name of the company my initial reaction was that ‘utilities don’t excite me.’  I explained that to the person who had suggested I look at the business, and his response was ‘Utilities as such may not excite you but I think you might find the business side of it will. You get on with people Mo and that is what this business is all about.’

I cannot put it any better than that! If you get on with people, you can be a Telecom Plus Distributor. It is the number 1 criteria to be a success in Telecom plus.

Being a Telecom Plus Distributor means you are part of 2 industries, network marketing and utilities. Combining network marketing with utilities, services that everyone needs and everyone uses, makes perfect commercial sense. It gives the ideal vehicle to be able to earn a second income alongside your current employment or business. It means you don’t have to get involved with stock, staff, rent and rates or any of the other overheads often associated with running a business. It is also an ideal opportunity for anyone who, like a new mum for example, is tied to the home. A Telecom Plus distributor can successfully work their business from home.

Being a Telecom Plus distributor means you can build a business to whatever size you want. You may want to earn just a few extra hundred pounds a month or you may want to build a much more significant income. You have control over how much time you want to spend on your business.

But life isn’t all about financial reward and the other benefits are equally important. Because of the nature of network marketing where everyone benefits by helping each other, a successful Telecom plus distributor is a positive, disciplined, friendly, motivated, optimistic person.

Isn’t that a great kind of workforce to be  part of?

Published Date: 11th July 2011
Category: Telecom Plus, Utility Warehouse distributor

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