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A Utility Company You Would Recommend to Your Mum

As a Utility Warehouse Distributor I attended our annual conference in March.

We’re Hated

Our C.E.O. stood on stage and acknowledged that utility companies had probably become the most hated and least trusted institutions in Britain at the moment, even above banks, to which he added “and that takes some doing”.

Or Perhaps Not

The theme then of our conference was that the aim of the company was to be the company that the public could trust – the company that you would happily recommend to your Mum.

That to me sums up the difference between Utility Warehouse and the other bigger more well-known utility companies.

Utility Warehouse is Different

In a week when we have seen a large energy company fined £10 million  by the regulator Ofgem for mis- selling, the largest fine ever, how refreshing it is to be part of a company where the ethos is based on building up trust and the one you would happily recommend to your Mum.

Is it size that makes some of these larger companies lose sight of some of the basic values? It shouldn’t be. I am an ex teacher and I have taught in large comprehensive schools and smaller independent schools. What made a school a good one had nothing to do with size, it was the ethos of the school that permeated from the head teacher down to the rest of the staff and so inevitably to the pupils.

So that is why I am proud that my work from home business as a Utility Warehouse Distributor is with a company whose emphasis from the C.E.O downwards is on building trust with the public – a company you would recommend to your Mum.

Published Date: 5th April 2013
Category: Utility Warehouse distributor

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