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Why Should You Join My Team?Mo Pemberton - Successful Utility Warehouse Distributor

The difference between Utility Warehouse and other Network Marketing Companies is that UW provides the ULTIMATE CONSUMABLES.  Everybody needs them and everybody uses them.

You don’t have to sell to the same customer every month to receive income. Once you have gathered a customer they use the services EVERY MONTH.


Before I became involved in Network Marketing I had no idea what residual income was. If you don’t know either, think of it as the way a pop star or author earns royalties.

They write or record a song once, write a book once, but they get paid every time that music is played or a book is sold.  We sign up a customer once and every time that customer uses the services, we get paid.

This is why having services that everyone needs and everyone uses provides true residual income.

About Me:

  • I am first and foremost a ‘Team Player’ Mo Pemberton - Successful Utility Warehouse Distributor
  • With my background in sport I am experienced in developing and coaching winning teams
  • I am good at motivating and involving everyone so that they feel part of the team
  • The success of every team member matters to me
  • I am competitive. I want my team to succeed – if I’m honest I want them to be the BEST!!
  • I make it MANDATORY to have some FUN

What do I ask from YOU?

You can be from any background.  My team has Distributors from all walks of life. Many combine it with their existing job or business career and others work exclusively at home managing their Utility Warehouse business.

All I ask is that:

  • You are teachable
  • You have a burning desire to succeed
  • You have goals and dreams and you will do ‘whatever it takes’ to achieve them
  • You are a ‘happy smiley’ person!
  • You are someone who Dares to make a Change!

What has this business done for me?

  • I have an ever increasing monthly RESIDUAL income
  • This has given me TIME FREEDOM and FINANCIAL FREEDOM to achieve many of my goals
  • I have been awarded thousands of Share Options – just for building my business
  • I have been on all paid 6 star Company cruises – just for building my business
  • I have had the use of one of the company’s Porsche Boxsters  – just for fun and for building my business
  • I have made lots of friends – all happy smiley positive people
  • I am having a lot of FUN
  • All this has been done working from home

So if any of that appeals to you and you would like to join a motivated happy team, please click to get the free information pack on the right, or simply phone 07942 887727.

If you want a genuine business opportunity where you can work from home and achieve your goals, get in touch today!

The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.

Like the idea of earning extra money and working from home?

How Will My Business Actually Work?

Complete initial training (online & classroom)

Receive your own Utility Warehouse website

Recommend the services, phone, broadband, mobile, gas & electricity (initially to family, friends & colleagues)



Tell people about the business and start to build your team of distributors

Work with your new distributors and grow your business – all with the help of your sponsor



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