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Work From Home: Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

As with all things there are ‘pros and cons’ with working from home.

Much will depend on your character and personality and what may be a ‘positive’ for one person may be a ‘negative’ for another. It is important that you are honest with yourself when looking at your strengths and weaknesses when deciding if working from home is for you.

One obvious advantage if you Work At Home is that you save on expenditure. There will be no rent or rates to pay and whilst your heating bills may rise a little, a good accountant will see that any expenses incurred are taken into consideration when setting things against tax.

One obvious disadvantage of Working From Home is that there is the danger that you never ‘switch off’. If you work in an office you can close the office door when the day’s work is ended. Working from home could mean that you are constantly aware of work. If you work at home the ideal scenario is if you can have a totally separate space for your work. Try not to let it encroach into all the rooms in the house!

You can choose what hours you work. That is great if you are a disciplined person and you make yourself a timetable and stick with it. If you are not and you think the temptation of having that extra hour in bed in a morning, or lingering too long over a cup of coffee and the morning paper might be something you would do, then maybe working from home is not for you.

Do you have a gregarious character? Do you like being with other people? Do you like having someone around to bounce off ideas? Will you miss being with work colleagues? Working at home can be lonely. If that applies to you then programme some time in the day to go out and at least see another living soul!

An important point to consider is how it will affect other people in the home. It can cause stress. On the other hand some families may love the fact that they see more of each other and the children during the day.

Working from Home – Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Only you can decide!

Published Date: 7th February 2012
Category: Working From Home UK

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