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Are You Looking To Work From Home In The UK? Then Read On!

Yesterday I was at a training event with the company I work with. It’s a training that all new distributors with this company have to attend. That is absolutely right that this should be. I would have no confidence in a company that let you loose into the public domain without training. Can you imagine someone wanting to become a hairdresser and being allowed to cut your hair without undergoing training first? I used to be a teacher but before I could be employed by a school I had to attend Teacher’s Training College for 3 years and pass exams, both practical and written.

One of the things that really struck me on this training yesterday was the diversity of backgrounds that were there. These were all people who had seen this as a business opportunity they could work from home and earn a second income without it impacting on what they were currently doing.

I made a note of all the backgrounds of the people who were attending that training and the first thing that struck me was just how many occupations, trades and professions felt the need to earn a second income. Among the backgrounds represented were:- police, driving instructor, hairdresser, recruitment, IFA, mortgage advisor, teacher, civil servant, photographer, cabin crew, accountant, electrician, painter and decorator and university students.  This is just a snapshot of what is happening all over the country. This was one small training venue in the North West and the company I work with has these training going on every month all over the United Kingdom.

This would indicate to me several things:

•    There are so many people out there that are in need of a second income.
•    Working from home is the ideal scenario for someone who wants to fit in something alongside their current occupation because it can be fitted into those spare hours either during the day or in the evening.
•    It would indicate that people from every background can do this business.
•    Looking at the professions that were attending this training it would indicate that these people would not take on a business opportunity that they had not  researched thoroughly and that they had felt that it was a credible business opportunity

Are YOU looking for a business opportunity that you can work from home to give you a second income? Are you from any of the backgrounds that attended that training and feel the need for a second income.

OR – here’s just a personal challenge for a bit of fun:

I wonder if YOU will be the first person from your occupation to join this company. I can’t think of any background that we haven’t got represented  but I’d love to meet you and welcome you to my team if you think you have a really unique occupation.

Visit and download the information pack to learn a bit more about it.

Published Date: 19th March 2012
Category: Working From Home UK

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