Thousands of people, both men and women are employed in the construction industry for general labouring jobs.  Sometimes this is because it is the only work they can find at short notice as there is always some major Construction Company looking for general labourers.  It could be a temporary stop gap while other employment elsewhere is found that is more suited and longterm.  Quite often it is this group of people that are then at greater risk of danger because of their lack of training or lack of understanding as to what is happening around them on the site.  This type of employment also involves working in all weathers, and long hours and possibly having to do job that no one else really wants to do.

Have a look at the following article for a full list of dangers that people can be exposed to:

If you fall into this category of personnel and really want to make a change to your life and your working environment, then look at and start planning now to make the necessary changes that can have a massive positive impact on your work/life balance.

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