Many of our colleagues and our Team members have worked or are still currently working in the construction industry and all had a very similar reason for wanting to take such a different step to make a change. Most people working in construction will either be employed or possibly working as self employed.  The construction industry can be a very harsh environment, whilst it can be rewarding, it can be dangerous with just the slightly lack of concentration leading to injury. Also, as the darker nights of winter and the bad weather set in, this can have an impact on time scales to complete projects, leading to employed workers being temporarily laid off because there is insufficient inside work to do, and can lead to the self employed unable to complete their section of works that enables them to be paid on time.

Full Article available at – Dangers faced by construction site workers

We invite you to have a look at and put a Plan B in place for yourself that will ultimately give you an opportunity to leave the work in the construction industry to others, enabling you spend more time with your family, friends or taking up the hobbies that you never had time to do.

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