What is the Business?

How many times have you recommended something to someone?


You may have recommended somewhere to eat because you have recently had a good meal with good service.  You may have watched a good film and told everyone you met that they needed to go and see it.

You may have read a book that you couldn’t put down.  Whatever you have recommended, your colleagues, family and friends will take your recommendations on board.  Did you ever get paid for making any of these recommendations? – NO – of course not.

The good news is that the Company we are aligned with can pay you for making recommendations about their services.

The Company we are aligned with is Utility Warehouse.


Utility Warehouse is the trading name of Telecom Plus PLC, a FTSE 250 Company listed on the London Stock Exchange.  It is a long established British Company based in London that provides a range of essential services – gas, electric, phone, broadband and mobile – to a growing number of homes and businesses throughout the UK.

These are services everyone needs and everyone uses.

This business is based on Network Marketing which, put quite simply, is a lot of people doing a little and everyone getting paid.

Residual Income?


It is doing a job once but getting paid over and over again. Think ‘royalties’ like an author or pop star earns.

Because Utility Warehouse is service driven as opposed to product led, it is the perfect vehicle to provide a consistent Residual Income.